Bob Yurko Photo

Newsmaker of the Week // Ryan Flores

Ryan Flores was at the right place at the right time Saturday night in the Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall NAPA KNOW HOW Gambler’s Classic. The Indoor Auto Racing Series ace, who has won races by sheer domination, got this one when Erick Rudolph and Andy Jankowiak tangled while fighting for the lead. Flores, a distant third, missed the spinners, emerged with the lead, and drove off. That’s the way Flores, an Indoor TQ racing specialist, races, by making the most of opportunities, having the car and the skill to do so. He started ninth, finished first, made it all look so effortless, and won big.

In a city when putting it all on the line is what people do at casinos, Ryan Flores, on the race track, is a sure thing – and a newsmaker!