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Newsmaker of the Week // Clash inside the Los Angeles Coliseum

Give them a hand!

NASCAR managed to stage its NASCAR Cup Busch Light Clash inside the Los Angeles Coliseum this past weekend and they got it right. The racing was spirited and revealed plenty about the season to come. The drivers ran side by side, with very little beatin-and-bangin’. The track was challenging, but not unfairly so. A complex set of race procedures worked out very well. The audience, whose youthful demographics was noted often, was receptive. And in the end, the best man won.

It is hard to comprehend the magnitude of this undertaking. As soon as the race was over, whole track, infield, race surface, everything – had to be torn up.

NASCAR is often criticized by pundits. Not this time, not by a long shot. This was a triumph for all involved – an event of newsmaking proportions.