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Newsmaker of the Week // HBR Racing

HBR Racing’s two Super DIRT Series Modified drivers, Max McLaughlin and Jimmy Phelps, were the stars of the five-night Gator Nationals at Volusia Speedway Park. Over the course of five days, young McLaughlin won one of the features and went into the final night in contention for the week-long Series title. His main rival was teammate Phelps, a tested tough veteran, who had come within half a lap of winning Wednesday night’s race.

HBR’s Phelps won the finale and the Series title while HBR’s McLaughlin spent the race mired in traffic, unable to move forward, then blowing a tire on the final lap. Over five nights of racing, HBR (Heinke-Baldwin Racing) drivers won two of the five features, accounted for two seconds, two thirds, and only one finishes outside the top ten.

Consistency in and of itself isn’t necessarily an attention-grabber, but over five days HBR had ‘em covered, excelling every night, and making news.