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Newsmaker of the Week // Anthony Macri

Central PA 410 Sprint Car ace Anthony Macri is known as ‘The Concrete Kid’ in reference to his family’s business. This past week, Macri lived up to his nickname by casting his legacy in stone, racing to six 410 Sprint wins in eight days at five different speedways.

The most special of the lot was the ‘Instant Classic’ Saturday night at Port Royal Speedway. Macri and arch-rival Logan Wagner each bounced off the outside fence half a dozen times before Macri sealed the deal with a brilliant low side blocking move on the last lap that caught Wagner flatfooted.

That race win was Newsmaker stuff in and of itself. The larger picture – six wins in eight days – cannot be overstated.
Anthony Macri, ‘The Concrete Kid’, is ‘The Real Deal’ and ‘The Newsmaker’.