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Newsmaker of the Week // Chili Bowl – Logan Seavey

The 2023 Chili Bowl has been run. Six days of non-stop Midget racing produced a young Chili Bowl A Main winner in Logan Seavey, a popular winning car ownership team in Kevin Swindell and Tim Bertrand, a huge prelim win for upstart Hank Davis and the New England based Seymour Racing Team, and a drive from 23rd to ninth in the A Main by Tim Buckwalter in another Seymour entry.

The depth of the field was such that a pair of ‘O-Mains’ were run.

Add to that the horrifying ejection of Ashton Torgerson from his Midget during a prelim night flip (not seriously injured, back at the track three days later) and it all combined to make this one a Chili Bowl to remember – a Chili Bowl that made News often and in many different ways.