Lew Brubaker Photo

Newsmaker of the Week // Brent Marks

When the big money is on the line and the prestige race wins are there for the taking, PA Posse leader Brent Marks is, more often than not, right there.

He certainly was Saturday night at Williams Grove Speedway when he raced to victory in the World Of Outlaws National Open for the second time in his career. This was no easy money drive, and Marks earned every dollar of the $75,000 first place payout. The haul raised Marks’ September winnings alone to $130,000.

In victory, Marks chalked up another win for the PA Posse against the Outlaws, and received deafening cheers from the crowd in Victory Lane.

For winning the most prestigious race in PA Posse Country, Brent Marks has, once again, become a Newsmaker!