Lee Greenawalt Photo

Newsmaker of the Week // Two Rival Sprint Car Sanctioning Organizations

As 2023 draws to a close, there is a heightened level of anticipation across the Sprint Car world as drivers and teams, one by one, are declaring their allegiance to either the established World Racing Group World Of Outlaws or to the new kid on the block High Limit Racing series.

The stakes are high. WRG has demanded loyalty from its Platinum members. Those teams receive significant monetary perks per event as long as they don’t stray from the fold. High Limit has no such proscriptions nor loyalty incentives, not yet at least. Battle lines are being drawn with each new day as World Of Outlaws star teams either stay put, or defect. Though most have picked sides, there are some key players who have not.

The positive side? Teams have a choice. The negative side? The on-track product may become diluted. Openers are February 7 at Volusia Speedway Park for the Outlaws, Tuesday, February 12 at East Bay for High Limit.

Stay tuned. Two rival Sprint Car sanctioning organizations are making big News!