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Newsmaker of the Week // Matt Sheppard

Even with more than 500 career feature wins to his credit, Matt Sheppard’s race to the checkered flag Saturday in the Short Track Super Series Port Royal Speed Showcase was one he’ll especially savor for a long time. It was the product of a dominant drive and it was worth a stunning $65,000 in winnings, between an outright $50,000 for the race and an added $15,000 for the STSS 2023 Elite championship.

To say that Matt Sheppard is off to a good start in 2024 is to say it right: The month of March isn’t even over and Sheppard’s earnings have already surpassed $100,000. That’s a huge number for a driver-owner, and there’s little question it will continue to increase.

In a sport where money makes news and big money makes big news, Matt Sheppard is unsurpassed at winning, earning big wins in big races, and making Big News!