Newsmaker of the Week // ‘Barefoot’ And ‘Bugsy’

‘Barefoot’ And ‘Bugsy’ have passed away.

‘Barefoot’ was Bob McCreadie, who at age 73 left behind legions of race fans who marveled at his talents behind the wheel of a Dirt Modified.

‘Bugsy’ was Carl Berghman, known to all as Bugs Stevens. His passing over the weekend just days after his 90th birthday awakened anew streams of memories among who were in awe of skill behind the wheel of an Asphalt Modified.

McCreadie’s sphere of influence was in Central New York. Stevens’ racing beat was principally in lower New England. Both were giants among men, revered through their deeds on race tracks, yet ever accessible after the races, and in their communities as regular people.

Bob McCreadie and Bugs Stevens were each the embodiment of the best that auto racing can be, participants who made the sport for better by their presence – makers, even in death, of News!