MARSHALING YARD – All trailers must report to the bus lot at Dorney Park located off Hamilton Blvd. This is a huge amusement park that will be closed for the season.

  • Dorney Park is conveniently located off Route 78/PA 309 at Exit 54.
  • When getting off the exit you will be headed North on Hamilton Blvd / US 222, the bus lot and Dorney Park are on on the Southbound side of the divided highway.
  • Stay in the left lane and take the u-turn to get on the southbound side.
  • We will have signs directing you into the bus lot from there.

For those using GPS the address for Dorney Park is 3830 Dorney Park Rd, Allentown, PA 18104

Starting at 7am on Saturday, January 2 we will start sending trailers from this Dorney Park Bus Lot to go to the arena to start unloading. You will be given a numbered windshield placard when leaving this lot and must have it to be allowed to unload at the arena. Anyone without that placard will be sent back to the lot.

  • -To get from the Bus Lot to the PPL Center you will once again make a U-Turn and get back on Hamilton Blvd / 222 Northbound.
  • -The PPL Center is located right off Hamilton Blvd.
  • -Follow Hamilton Blvd for approximately 4 miles until you reach 8th Street.
  • -Turn left on 8th Street, the PPL Center will be on your right. Once on 8th Street you will be directed where to go to unload.

UNLOADING AT ARENA – Trailers will be unload on two different streets: Linden Street and 8th Street.

  • -From the time you drop your trailer door you will have 10 minutes to unload your car, tires and all tools and parts that you wish you bring into the arena.
  • During unloading you will need two people, someone to stay with your equipment and someone to stay with the truck and trailer. Anyone that exceeds their time limit for unloading will be penalized first with practice time and then with time trial or heat race starting position.
  • As soon, as you are done unloading, your truck and trailer will be sent to a parking lot 1/3 mile from the arena to be stored during the event. We will have trucks available for you to use if you need to run back to the lot for spare engines or parts during the day.

We strongly encourage you to only bring what you need into the arena!


  • At the conclusion of the event, you will once again be marshaled back to the arena to load up.
  • Directions to this lot will be provided when you arrive.