Newsmaker of the Week // Duane Howard

When a driver loses his ride in mid-season, it’s a major disappointment.

So it was this summer with Modified favorite Duane Howard, within a month’s time, changed race tracks, then broke up with his car owner.

He wasn’t out of a car for long. Norm Hansell picked up Howard and the pair clicked.

Saturday night at Bridgeport Speedway it all came together. Howard set up Richie Pratt on the last lap, swept to the lead in the final few feet, and won in spectacular fashion.

Hansell, notoriously low key, was all smiles. Howard was as happy as he had ever been with a winning effort.

He’d won a thriller this night and stared down a summer’s worth of adversity to get the job done.

All in all, Duane Howard’s reversal of fortune has made big news!