Hookups skateboard

Hookups skateboards have been around since the early 1990s, when legendary skateboarder and artist, J.B.I. (aka Jason Lee), created the iconic brand. Since then, Hookups Skateboards has been a favorite amongst skaters who appreciate the company's distinctive style and approach to skateboarding.

Hookups skateboards are designed with a traditional street-style inspired look and performance in mind. The decks are made with 7-ply North American maple wood, providing superior strength and durability. The decks also have a concave shape to ensure the skater has the best control and maneuverability. All of the components are built to be long-lasting and durable, including the trucks, wheels, bearings and grip tape.

Hookups skateboards also feature unique graphics and artwork by some of the top skateboard artists in the world, ensuring each board stands out from the crowd. Their innovative approach to design has helped them stand out from other companies, making them a favorite for many skaters.

For those looking for an exceptional custom skateboard experience, Hookups also offers custom boards. Customers can choose from a variety of deck sizes, shapes and graphics to create their own unique board. The company also allows customers to order additional components such as trucks, wheels and bearings to complete their ride.

If youre looking for a skateboard that has a classic street style look and performance, Hookups Skateboards is a great choice. With their superior quality construction, unique graphics, and custom board options, you can be sure to find the perfect skateboard for your needs.